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Although Cyprus is not an offshore financial centre, international businesses are still use this jurisdiction to improve the efficiency of taxation and management activities by means of registering companies and trusts in Cyprus.

Companies registered in Cyprus may be used to carry out any lawful commercial activity for profit, including the provision of construction, investment, transportation, logistics, information and other services. The usual stated authorised capital of Cypriot companies is € 1,000; however, the amount of paid-up authorised capital is not fixed. An important factor is a rate of income tax of 10%, one of the lowest in Europe. Dividends paid on shares of such companies and securities transaction income are completely exempt from tax. The information on beneficiaries is mandatorily provided to local legal firms that perform registration of companies, and to the Central Bank of Cyprus (bearer shares are not allowed). At the same time, the mechanism of share ownership, when one person owns shares for the benefit of another person, is operated to maintain a high level of confidentiality.

Midland Consult (Cyprus) Limited provides services for Cypriot company registration. The entire procedure, including the approval of company name in the State Register and the receipt of constituent documents required by law (the Memorandum with a description of activities and the Articles of Association defining the procedure for management of the company), takes no longer than 3-4 weeks. Our experts at Midland Consult (Cyprus) will help choose the best type of company incorporation (from the standpoint of the effectiveness of international tax planning). This may be resident or non-resident (depending on the location of its managing bodies).

Midland Consult (Cyprus) will help individuals interested in preserving their property and protecting their heirs’ interests by the registration of Cypriot trusts. This mechanism assumes the management of the owner’s property by another person for the benefit of the owner. It ensures protection of assets from potential claims by creditors, optimisation of taxation, as well as being an effective tool for resolving the issues associated with the drawing-up of a will and the distribution of property among beneficiaries.

In Cyprus, a tax advantage of Cypriot international trusts is the exemption of taxation on incomes, profits, dividends and interests; this includes capital income gains, defence tax, trust income, inheritance and other taxes. In addition, Cypriot international trusts are subject to the precedent of confidentiality, irrevocability and variability in the provisions of the charter and its alteration; this includes an absence of restrictions on forms of investment and reporting requirements. The perpetuity period for trusts is up to 100 years.

Midland Consult (Cyprus) will offer owners the possibility of registering a discretionary, fixed, combined fixed and discretionary, commercial or purpose trust depending on the objective for establishing a Cypriot international trust. We draw your attention to the fact that the trust founder and beneficial owner may not be a permanent resident of Cyprus; however, at least one of the attorneys shall be a permanent resident of Cyprus. In addition, the assets of the trust being established in Cyprus should not include any real property located in Cyprus.