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Midland Consult (Cyprus) is an official partner of several foreign banks.  We offer assistance in opening multi-currency and investment accounts.  The banks – partners of the company – provide minimum timescales in handling accounts; they offer the best tariff rates; and they guarantee confidentiality and a high quality of customer service. 

All accounts are opened using the standard IBAN (International Bank Account Number).  Operations are conducted using a modern remote maintenance system with an electronic signature.  All information transferred is passed over encrypted channels, and is protected from unauthorised acts in accordance with international safety standards. 

In accordance with all of the necessary credentials, Midland Consult (Cyprus) offers its clients assistance in opening bank accounts in the following countries:  

Hong Kong
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The final decision on opening the account makes a bank, however, our experts will help you to fill in bank forms and prepare documents for:

  • Opening of corporate and personal accounts;
  • Internet banking;
  • Processing credit and debit cards;
  • Loans;
  • Deposits;
  • Investments in banking products.