Over the summer trimester 2018, the Russian clients of Sberbank spent more than EUR 2 billion for overseas travel (excluding the airfare). On average, individual spending is about EUR 900, although certain tourists managed to spend some EUR 14.000 on food or USD 500.000 on gambling in Monaco, Sberbank reported in October.

On average, Russian tourist spend the most on accommodation: over EUR 600 million. Next in line are clothing stores, supermarkets and restaurants. The most expensive overseas purchase made with a Sberbank's credit card was made at a shopping mall in Hawaii: a Russian traveller paid over EUR 90,000. In France, a Sberbank customer cashed out more than EUR 40,000 for a dinner, this was the most expensive trip to a restaurant. The top hotel bill was issued to a Russian on the Indonesian island of Moyo: over EUR 105,000.

According to the bank's stats, Russians leave most of their savings in the casinos of Monaco. In general, the Principality is among the leaders in spending per trip by the Russian tourists, where they leave, on average, over EUR 1,600 euros. Sberbank also identified a customer who managed to use the credit card in the largest number of countries over the summer period: this turned out to be a 28-year-old resident of Yakutsk, who visited 26 countries over the 3 months.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), in 2017, Russia moved up from the 11th to the 8th spot in the ranking of countries whose residents spend most while travelling abroad. Russian spending on overseas travel over the whole year amounted to USD 31 billion.