29 October 2013

Russian business community insists on revising outdated requirements for different types of supervision, and on transition to the principle of «declaration of safety».

30 September 2013

On September 18, Midland Trust Limited, has got a Class 3 Trust license for company management and the provision of the Registered Agent services from the Financial Services Regulator of the British Virgin Islands.

29 August 2013

The first round of consultations on the establishment of the world’s largest free trade zone (FTZ) between the EU and the USA set off at the height of summer in Washington.

29 July 2013

Zagreb met July with celebrations: on July 1, at midnight, Croatia officially became the 28th member of the EU. The festivities, however, are relatively modest, as the country joins the European family with a burden of its unresolved problems: Croatian economy is in recession for the fifth consecutive year with unemployment reaching 21%.

26 June 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron was unable to get any of the G8 countries to support Britain’s call for the registries of beneficial ownership of companies to be made public. At the same time, the G8 leaders acknowledged that fighting tax evasion is an important issue, and an automatic system of information exchange for tax authorities is due for its solution.

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