22 July 2018

92 billion Roubles were illegally withdrawn (under export and import contracts) from the Russian economy over the past 14 months, the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS) reports. More than 85% of this amount is related to imports: the goods were paid for, but never delivered to Russia.

21 July 2018

Recently, the US allies in NATO have been withdrawing their gold reserves from the US territory, practically under emergency conditions. Thus, the Turkish leader Recep Tayiip Erdogan followed the economic trend currently growing in Russia, provoking a full withdrawal of Turkish gold from the United States back home. Interestingly enough, the country's sovereign gold reserves are just under 27 tons However following a call to the Turkish banks, a total of about 220 tons of gold were repatriated.

18 July 2018

Aggressive external economic policy and the huge US debt led the anti-dollar policy from being a debated subject to an implemented process, and nothing is unlikely to reverse it now, as affirm the World Bank experts. According to economists, the international financial system is bound to change radically in the next 10 years.

17 July 2018

Economists disagree on the issue of benefits of the WC for the Russian economy. The government estimates that the total economic effect from the World Cup will be 1% of the GDP.

16 July 2018

The country's foreign creditors are concerned: Russia's foreign debt is too low, it would make sense to borrow more in order for the economy to grow. The CBR does not reject the idea of taking loans but prefers to rely on its own resources.

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