21 August 2018

Total world debt increased by USD 8 trillion in the first trimester of 2018, a top increase since two years. The index renewed the record reaching USD 247 trillion, or 318% of global GDP, the Institute of International Finance reported.

14 August 2018

Two Special Administrative Regions (SAR) with a special legal and tax regime are to be launched on the Russky Island (next to Vladivostok) and on the Oktyabrsky Island (in the vicinity of Kaliningrad) in autumn this year, the head of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin announced. “This regime will be activated in September-October,” Oreshkin said.

11 August 2018

According to the report of the Central Chinese TV channel, the policy of reforms and openness in China transformed the country and changed the fate of socialism, allowing China to emerge from poverty and weakness, and regain its historical glory and confidence of a superpower.

22 July 2018

92 billion Roubles were illegally withdrawn (under export and import contracts) from the Russian economy over the past 14 months, the Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS) reports. More than 85% of this amount is related to imports: the goods were paid for, but never delivered to Russia.

21 July 2018

Recently, the US allies in NATO have been withdrawing their gold reserves from the US territory, practically under emergency conditions. Thus, the Turkish leader Recep Tayiip Erdogan followed the economic trend currently growing in Russia, provoking a full withdrawal of Turkish gold from the United States back home. Interestingly enough, the country's sovereign gold reserves are just under 27 tons However following a call to the Turkish banks, a total of about 220 tons of gold were repatriated.

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