31 May 2014

Midland Consult (Cyprus) received a new operating licence from the Cypriot authorities in May 2014, allowing the company to provide fiduciary services. Consistent with the highest EU standards, Midland Consult now has the right to provide a wide range of consulting services.

28 April 2014

Crimean businesses might be exempt from taxes for the period of economic adjustment as the peninsula joins the Russian Federation following the recent referendum. A white paper on creation of a Special economic zone (SEZ) in Crimea was prepared in April. The news was broken by Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on social and economic development of the autonomy.

27 March 2014

The European Union is set to offer financial support to Ukraine in the amount of EUR 11 billion in loans and grants. The aid will arrive over the next two years, announced the President of the European commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, in March. The announcement came at the backdrop of the global security markets starting to pick up as the tensions in Ukraine began to wane.

28 February 2014

The G20 is going to decide soon on its control over all major financial operations and the transactions on deposits with the balance over USD 250.000. Under the new regulation, the banks and the governments will be required to automatically exchange information on the ownership of transferred assets. The new financial standard for G20 was developed and introduced by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

29 January 2014

The World Economic Forum brings out the fears of the major global companies.

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