05 November 2018

In November, the CBR published data on the net capital outflow from the Russian Federation over the third trimester. According to the first estimates, the volume of transactions grew by 48 times compared to the same period last year and amounted to USD 19.2 billion (against USD 400 million a year earlier).

24 October 2018

Over the summer trimester 2018, the Russian clients of Sberbank spent more than EUR 2 billion for overseas travel (excluding the airfare). On average, individual spending is about EUR 900, although certain tourists managed to spend some EUR 14.000 on food or USD 500.000 on gambling in Monaco, Sberbank reported in October.

14 October 2018

China has reduced investment in the US debt by 7.7 billion dollars to a minimum over the past six months. Despite a seriously aggravated tensions with Washington, Beijing still remains the largest foreign holder of the treasury securities: more than a trillion dollars.

12 October 2018

Trump’s aggressive foreign policy and an unprecedented debt make the US dollar less and less suitable for international settlements. Both banking analysts and economic scholars now talk about the inevitable ditching of the USD in the global economy. How is the global financial system changing and what are the United States going to lose?

15 September 2018

“Blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” have been around for nearly a decade now. What do we know about these technological developments? Would you be able to explain clearly what they are and how they function? What practical application does the blockchain technology offer and how may it change the world? An expert in this field, Zurich-based lawyer Fabio Alves Moura, explains these complex concepts in simple terms.

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