25 January 2019

Russia is among the leaders on the amount of external debts written off. Taking into account large loans only, the Russian Federation wrote off almost USD140 billion for its debtors over the past 20 years.

20 January 2019

Last year, it was the Bitcoin that brought the most losses to investors, according to analysts. The price of silver, platinum and gold lost 15.37%, 15.16% and 5.91%, respectively. Investments in palladium was of highest yield. The US dollar came second on profitability among all the instruments with earnings of up to 8%. For euro, the annual income came up to 1.05%.

17 January 2019

This fall, the first symptoms were felt at the stock exchanges around the globe. Shares of the US technology companies lost 20% to 30% last fall. Once again, something has gone wrong in the US economy. This happens just like in Hollywood films: at first, everything is calm, then the life of the main protagonist, a good fellow, is shred into pieces, however he pulls through and proceeds to save his family and the whole world. The twist in the “show” of global economy is no less exciting: so far everything seems to follow this scenario. There are, however, signs of the imminent crisis. And this time it might not have a happy ending.

14 January 2019

A law allowing 100% foreign ownership of companies in certain sectors of the economy is now in force in the UAE. Previously, Article 10 of the UAE Commercial Companies Law required that 51% or more of the shares in a company established in the UAE be owned by an UAE national shareholder.

10 January 2019

According to the preliminary estimates, net capital flight from Russia through the private sector amounted to USD 58.5 billion during the period of January–November 2018. The data was published in January by the Bank of Russia press service.

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