08 March 2019

The Ministry of Economics of Russia recently updated the programme of discounted loans.

04 March 2019

Cyprus citizenship (of an EU member state) is acquirable today in just 6 months. By an investment of 2 million euros, one can obtain the rights for residence, employment, business ownership and management without any restrictions, continued education and travel to any EU country. The Cyprus passport implies also a visa-free entry to 157 countries around the world. Thus, if someone intends to settle, for instance, in France, she or he can fairly quickly get a Cyprus passport and then move to France.

21 February 2019

Russia ranked 138th out of 180 places in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, sharing this place with Iran, Libya and Mexico. In 2017, the country was at the 135th position, along with Paraguay and Kyrgyzstan.

14 February 2019

After the US managed to convince the Bank of England to reject the request of Maduro government to return the gold deposited in the UK, Washington shifts its attention to Turkey, which also keeps gold for Venezuela. According to experts, Turkey's decision will be more independent based on potential gain.

07 February 2019

As of January 1, 2019, a new Law on Economic Presence came into force on the British Virgin Islands. The BVI adopted the Draft on December 19 last year. This day was set by the EU as a deadline for adopting an anti-offshore legislation on this British overseas territory.

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