22 March 2019

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) of Russia found assets and accounts belonging to Russians in 58 countries around the globe, including the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Mauritius and other known offshore addresses.

19 March 2019

The main beneficiary of the introduction of a single European currency in the period of 1999–2017 is Germany, reveal the analysts of the Freiburg-based Centre for European Studies. The additional revenues for Germany amounted to EUR 1.9 trillion (or about EUR 23,000 per resident). Apart from Germany, the only state that got a significant revenue following the introduction of euro is the Netherlands.

14 March 2019

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of Russia introduced the concept of 'cryptocurrency' in the 2015 ruling on cases of money laundering and property acquired by criminal means. This means that the articles of the Criminal Code on the legalisation of criminal revenue should be extended to the virtual currency, the court clarified.

08 March 2019

The Ministry of Economics of Russia recently updated the programme of discounted loans.

04 March 2019

Cyprus citizenship (of an EU member state) is acquirable today in just 6 months. By an investment of 2 million euros, one can obtain the rights for residence, employment, business ownership and management without any restrictions, continued education and travel to any EU country. The Cyprus passport implies also a visa-free entry to 157 countries around the world. Thus, if someone intends to settle, for instance, in France, she or he can fairly quickly get a Cyprus passport and then move to France.

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