17 August 2015

According to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR), private clients have significantly reduced foreign transfers in recent months. With the economic crisis continued, Russians and non-resident foreign workers cut back to half the transfers of funds from Russia.

22 July 2015

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), sometimes referred to as the ’Club of the rich’, analysed the income gap in the developed countries and its negative effects. As economists observe, the gap between rich and poor hit a historic maximum for the past 30 years.

23 June 2015

Production of gold in China increases steadily. China might deliver a powerful blow to the fragile US financial system, using the foreign exchange reserves, including the growing volume of gold ingots and the gold savings, privately owned by the population.

21 May 2015

Banks that will fail to comply with the Euro-FATCA standard will be banned from operations in the EU, including opening of correspondent accounts in any European banks and payments in Euro.

30 April 2015

US authorities are determined to influence the offshore schemes actively used by (inter alia) the US high-tech companies. Thus, Apple increased its offshore savings by 5.7 times in the period of 2010–2014, while Microsoft did over 3 times.

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