27 January 2016

In 2017, the World Bank predicts a growth of the Russian economy by 1.3% and by 1.5% in 2018. This year, however, it forecasts a decline of 0.7%. Thus, the rate of decline is expected to decrease significantly. According to the WB experts, the Russian economy lost 3.8% last year. The prospects are rather vague for 2016 due to the continuously low O&G prices and the international sanctions against Russia.

22 December 2015

The improvement in Moody’s ranking shows the acknowledgement by the foreign agencies of the macroeconomic policies carried out in Russia. However, it is necessary to reduce the budget deficit and progress towards sustainable economic growth in order to bring back the investment-worth ranking, comments the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov.

27 November 2015

The fact that the gap between the planet’s richest and poorest is wide enough to be estimated over ten-fold, does not surprise anyone today. The saddest fact is that the gap keeps growing. Proof is found in the recent research sponsored by the banking institutions.

26 October 2015

A law on succession is under consideration in the Russian parliament. Last spring, the State Duma introduced a bill offering to adopt such concepts as a ’joint will’ and ’hereditary contract’, simplifying the succession procedure.

29 September 2015

Although there aren’t any reliable data on the capital outflow from China, indirect evidence suggests that many investors withdraw funds from the Chinese market using complex mechanisms.

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