16 April 2019

The most expensive residential property in Moscow on offer in March 2019 was a penthouse of 735 sq meters (8000 sq feet) in a project currently construction in the historical centre at the Patriarchy Ponds. The property was exposed by Savills, which came up with a ranking of 100 most expensive properties of the Russian capital currently on the market.

12 April 2019

The British Tax Service (HMRC) has removed Russia from the list of jurisdictions with which it automatically exchanges tax information. This means that the Federal Tax Service (FTS) of Russia will not be able to track the data on Russians holding assets in the UK as of 2018, without a special request to the local authorities.

09 April 2019

The Russian Sberbank launched instant money transfer service through a smartphone application to any of the CIS countries and some of Russia's closest neighbours. The list of the countries will be expanded in the future. The cash can be received at any Western Union service points in the country of destination. The new service was announced by the press office of the Russian state-owned Sberbank.

04 April 2019

More than 275 financial companies with a total capital of USD 1.2 trillion and thousands of employees are ready to move from the UK to Europe under the circumstances of imminent Brexit, according to a dedicated financial study.

02 April 2019

The EU members decided to add 10 more states and territories to the new draft blacklist of offshores. The reason behind is the unwillingness of these countries to “take the necessary measures to combat tax crimes”. The renewed listing suggests that some states and territories may be removed from the offshore blacklist if they commit to reforms that would change the rules currently facilitating tax evasion. These territories then become part of the EU's grey list.

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