29 September 2016

Russian efforts to rebuild its economy may be viewed as modest, although the situation is steady, with the reserves intact and the outflow of capital decreased five-fold since the last year, affirmed the Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the recent G20 summit in the Chinese Hangzhou in September.

29 August 2016

Will China bring down the global economy and crash Russian market? China is seriously in debt. This conclusion could be drawn from the statement of the Deputy Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) David Lipton.

29 July 2016

The recent Brexit referendum, held in June 2016, resulted in the British intention of independence from the EU. The debate about the validity of this decision to withdraw from the EU is gaining pace.

29 June 2016

Should Americans expect a global economic meltdown, or is everything within the norm? Recently, the US national debt exceeded USD 19 trillion. Since October 30, 2015 only, the debt grew by more than USD 1 trillion.

24 May 2016

The European economy will keep a moderate growth given that the business capacity of the EU’s main trading partners has crumbled, while the factors seen as favourable so far, have started vanishing.

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