29 June 2016

Should Americans expect a global economic meltdown, or is everything within the norm? Recently, the US national debt exceeded USD 19 trillion. Since October 30, 2015 only, the debt grew by more than USD 1 trillion.

24 May 2016

The European economy will keep a moderate growth given that the business capacity of the EU’s main trading partners has crumbled, while the factors seen as favourable so far, have started vanishing.

29 April 2016

Changing legislation of the British Virgin Islands will not make the offshore administration any more transparent. According to the sources of Midland Consult, owners of the companies registered in a popular offshore zone of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) recently received a letter with a requirement to disclose their company directors.

25 March 2016

A couple of years of relative calm and the global economy is once again on the verge of recession. The risk of such scenario has increased and continues to rise, according to the recent reports of economists around the globe.

26 February 2016

In the list of currencies devalued against the US dollar, the Russian Rouble last year moved from the 2nd worst to the 22nd position.Russian currency lost 44.2% against the USD in 2014, arriving second in the list of the most depreciated currencies.

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