20 June 2018

Every year more oil-producing countries abandon settlements in the USD and switch to Euro, Yuan or even cyber currency. Russia is also considering selling oil to its foreign partners for Roubles.

03 May 2018

France rules out post-Brexit financial services access deal. France warned last month there was little chance of securing a free trade deal for financial services firms based in the UK once the country leaves the EU next year.

03 April 2018

The aggregate liabilities of Russian domestic bank clients increased by 13.2% to 12.2 trillion Roubles, the United Credit Bureau (OKB) reported, based on the analysis of loans of 82 million Russian citizens.

28 February 2018

Why do wealthy Russians change their tax residency increasingly often? As the exchange of banking information by OECD standards kicked off it caused an growing demand among Russians on changing the tax residency, the bankers claim. 60% of the wealthy Russian residents are fearing a disclosure of their foreign assets.

31 January 2018

2017 was a year of profound change in home and foreign policy of the Republic of Cyprus. The government signed a memorandum of understanding with Greece, Italy and Israel to support the construction of the East Med gas pipeline, which is to connect new fields in the region with the rest of Europe and as planned should extend over 2,000 km passing through Israel’s Leviathan and Cypriot Aphrodite fields and reaching Greece and Italy.

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