International Business Solutions — 2009


20, Daev lane, Moscow, Russia

Midland Consult is pleased to invite business executives from Russia and neighboring countries to participate in our international conference — "International Business Solutions — 2009."

The key issues to be discussed will revolve around the following crucial topics:

  1. How did a world financial crisis influence to the market of Russia and foreign countries?
  2. Are there chances on a rescue for the Russian businessman?
  3. Where is it possible to find financing?
  4. How to optimize expenses?
  5. Public policy of Russian Federation and Republic of Cyprus in regard to activity of non-resident companies.
  6. Tax and civil legal consequences of registration and use of foreign shipping companies (Cyprus, Panama).

Also in the program of conference — business-prescriptionsfrom foreign professionals (lawyers, public accountants, economists) and possibility for negotiations with colleagues and competitors!

The conference will be of interest and greatest benefit for the top management, managers, lawyers of Russian and foreign companies, company’s directors who are interested in risk diversification during the international financial crisis.

09.00 — 10.00

Registration, tea / coffee making facilities

10.00 — 10.15

Greeting the participants, the presentation
company "Midland Consult"
Maxim Stepanov,
Director of the Midland Group

10.15 — 11.00

Statement by the representative of the Government of the Russian Federation on the situation in Russia, the crisis, foreign investment, cooperation with Cyprus, the exchange of information treaties on double taxation

11.00 — 11.15

Tea / coffee break

11.15 — 12.00

Russian-Cyprus relations — the state of today
Speech by Minister of Finance, Industry
and trade of Cyprus

12.00 — 12.45

The tax advantages of Cypriot companies in the registration of ships and yachts, as well as other tax benefits
Vassos Maratheftis,
Auditor Midland Consult (Cyprus)

12.45 — 13.00

Statement by the representative of the Marfin Laiki Bank offered banking products and services to foreign clients

13.00 — 14.30


14.30 — 14.45

Use of Panamanian companies in international trade, for the registration of ships and yachts, investment, tax advantages. The Panama Private Interest Foundation — as a way to protect the assets
Oscar Augusto Cedeño Villareal,
Lawyer Midland Counselors at Law

14.45 — 15.30

The use of non-resident companies in the Russian Federation — the legal and tax aspects
Oleg Kolykhalov,
Lawyer Midland Consult (Russia)

15.30 — 16.15

Speech by Michalis Christofides, head of the Bank of Cyprus in Russia and Ukraine on of banking products and services to foreign clients

16.15 — 16.30

Tea / coffee break

16.30 — 17.00

The benefits of property investment in Cyprus
Statement by the representative of one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus

17.00 — 17.30

Questions to the participants of the conference

17.30 — 19.00